Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

A mandala for Jake.
I read in Jill Badonsky's Awe-Manac that today is George Washington Gale Ferris' birthday.. the inventor of the Ferris wheel.. That just so happens to be my son's last name..
and it's Valentine's Day.
Reflecting on it, I'm reminded of the wheel of life and all the stages we go through.
A medicine wheel of sorts.
I used the cup as the holder here. Cups are emotions.
Hearts for each stage in life.. because all that matters is that we take love along for the ride.
Through the ups and downs in life, it is the only thing that makes it worth it.
Love. Share it. Receive it.
Fill your cup with it.
Drink it in.


cheryl said...

This is incredible! Cups of love...heart energy.. what a wonderful present to receive. I'm sure he's loving it!
You always inspired me! ~Cheryl

Kate Jobe said...

I love this mandala...and this post...cups of wonderful...and here I thought they were little boats to travel in and ride around the waters of life!

Stacy Alexander said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!

~Stacy Alexander

jgy said...

Beautiful mandala and expression.
I rode on a ferris wheel recently. Wonderful perspective to see the world from.
And on yours, in that beautiful blue I can feel that love is in the air. May it reach to all!

Ilah said...

Doe, I love you blog and I would like to pass on the "I love your art blog award" to you. Please accept this award and pass it on to other people. Please see this link for details and the award icon.

Also, you are supposed to share 7 things about yourself when you get the award