Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Travel the Royal Road

I doodled this as I sat talking with my SIL. It calmed me..
and as I am calm, those around me may be calm-er.
I think I was wanting to set an example as well. It doesn't take much to sit and doodle..
You don't have to pull out all the paints and brushes.. just pen or pencil and pad.
I had a title for this when I was there, but I forgot what it was exactly..
The closest to it is something like
Taking the Royal Journey...
I always want to travel the high road. I work hard at taking the high road, the path that I feel is of service, being good, doing good deeds. I like giving, but I also need to receive. I don't mind driving, but sometimes I like to be taken on a ride.
We all need this balance.
I looked at this picture as an invitation to travel well on a royal path. To be carried away to exotic places, exalted. "Oh yes, your highness... be most comfortable and travel well."
Aren't there some days you want to be treated like a princess, or queen (or king, prince)... because you work hard and should be treated this way?!
I can choose my path, but how will I travel it?
with dignity.. with honor...
how will I cushion the rocky road?
how often will I stop along the road to smell those flowers and observe the beauty around me?
who will I travel with and how will I greet those I meet?
We all travel this path.
I want to travel it without regrets.

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