Monday, October 06, 2008

Mandala Peace Project

This is on my other blog, but I wanted to place it here as well. A group of us at Mandala Oasis have decided to journey through the art of the mandala to set the intention of Peace and Love in this world.
When we come to a place of peace within ourselves, we send out that vibration into the world.
Cheryl's blog explains it in more detail.
A group of 9 women, for 9 weeks will be creating mandala art with the intention of sending out love and peace through creating these mandalas...9 catagories such as creativity, health, nature, etc.
Mandalas, I have experienced, have healing qualities. They are meditations of my heart, helping me to focus and center myself and reflect back to me inner secrets, opening me to discover deeper insight into myself. I invite you to discover their magical qualities for yourself. Click on the webring to the right to find others that are participating and travel to their blogs of mandala magic!
We are always welcoming new members into our group. A warm, welcoming and inspiring group it is! I'm grateful and blessed to be in a community of women and men who support one another, inspire and share their spiritual and artistic lives.
Envision Peace.
Create Peace.
As the mandala above mentions, there are infinite possibilities when we work together as One.
May Peace sit always in your hearts.


Bailey Earith said...

How wonderful...Peace is also my mission. I would love to join your group. Bailey

3rdEyeMuse said...

this is a lovely project. I am certain that your efforts will be felt in ripples and waves.