Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heart Portal

This morning in my "manic" state, I did this mandala. I needed to release... I took my last dosage of prednisone for the poison ivy yesterday and I'm thinking this is what it feels like to have ADD! I'm still itching and it's still on some parts of my body, but at least my eyes and ears are cleared... so, I am in high gear.
The mandalas are helpful in focusing, as I'm very restless and all over the place.
This mandala is my message to myself and whoever else is interested :-) to be open in our hearts and use this time for compassion. Think with your heart rather than your head during this time.
Rather than choose panic and fear, open your heart and let what needs to be said come from there... choose love. choose openess.
Well, I must be on the right path with this as this came in the "mailbox" this morning and thought it appropriate to share here:
It comes from...

Message 64
Heart Portal
The heart is the thinking organ of your human form, it is truly in command. The energetic field of the heart matrix is far stronger and more expanded than that the energetic matrix of the brain. Your mentors and avatars have been teaching this for lifetimes. Human beings long ago learned to close or protect their heart circuit. This is the main dysfunction on your planet and the main source of dis-ease.
When the heart circuit is protected there is an energetic loop. There is a thought shield that filters or monitors the coming in or the going out of energy in a more guarded manner. The human being has allowed the brain, the programs, and beliefs to monitor and guard the heart center. These programs/beliefs close and numb your responses to the messages and guidance coming from and going to this heart center.
These beliefs about protecting the heart center are passed down energetically from parents to child. A child learns from the unspoken as well as the spoken messages about being hurt, or loving freely and easily, what feels safe or unsafe, who to trust or not trust. There are the wounds passed down from generation to generation. There are the wounds within the family dynamics of this lifetime. There are the wounds that each human being has personally experienced while in this embodiment.The heart center is your portal. It is your gate. It is important for humanity to begin to heal the wounds that their heart carries. It is essential to healing the planet, one heart beat at a time, one human being at a time. This is the responsibility for each and every person on the personal level, genetic level and global level, to heal the wounded patterns within the heart matrix. Humanity is stepping into an entirely new paradigm in which the thinking heart will be the honored, whole, and connected to the other heart matrixes. The heart portal was designed to serve as the gateway to the stars, allowing the energy to flow from divine source out into your reality. The important tools in healing and harmonizing your heart portal are the vibrations of joy, gratitude and appreciation. It is the power of these vibrations which allows the heart center/heart portal to heal from all the wounds carried. It is the service work each human being is asked to give for the wholeness and healing of the heart center of humanity, for when human beings live from an open and healed heart they know and feel their connected with each other.

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3rdEyeMuse said...

I love this mandala - it's most heartfelt. :)

ps - tag, you're it!