Saturday, October 18, 2008

Divine Mother

Blessed Mother
Divine Mother
Vessel of Love
She is Light - radiant and pure
and Wind - cleansing, refreshing
Soft, fertile Earth
sprouts beneath her feet
Abundant and Lush
Through Her Love and Will
Creation blossoms
and all women become
Blessed Mothers
Divine Vessels
of Love
While I was working on this, my husband walked in and said, "Blessed Mother".
I looked up, a bit surprised... "You should call it that", he said.
he continued to say, "You are the blessed mother, your mother is, so is mine..."
He got it.
She is the Divine Feminine, The Yin to the Father, the masculine.
She is here to remind us that we need to bring the divine feminine back to balance the masculine.
We need both.


pattie said...

We must all be in the same space...I am working on a divine mother also...will post her soon....
Blessings to you!

cheryl said...

She is is your writing about her! And how great it is that your husband sensed it totally..down thru the ancestry, you, your mom..and his - and us all for that matter. Blessed Mother indeed.. What a blessing you and your art is to us all.
thank you!

Gusty Tukan said...

Beautiful and sacred. Looking at the painting while reading your words invoke within me a sense of the sacred. Thanks and be blessed!

Kate Jobe said...

Doreen...Love your divine mother...I have started a divine mother one and was warmed to see yours....beautiful and how wonderful that your husband is so connected to this awareness.

Lightfully, Kate