Saturday, October 04, 2008

Labyrinth Intentions

For the new moon, and having the day off, I decided to walk the labyrinth at Wainwright House.
I had just read a passage in The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd about her thoughts and experiences of the labyrinth. It was once looked at as a symbol of the divine womb, a ritual symbolizing rebirth.
Moving into this center, we shed that which no longer works, letting go of old outworn ideas, regrets, worries, doubts, a symbolic death. Shedding the old skin like a snake, I visualized myself stepping out of this old skin.
As I was walking into the center, I observed how as we walk into the labyrinth, it appears at times that we are moving away from the center even though we are indeed walking inwards. I thought of the spiral, how we come back to something over and over, even though it's at a different plane..
I had intentions of shedding that which I have no control of (worries), that which holds me back (fears) and all the doubts of where I should be, what I should be doing...
I am here.
In my heart. Being. I am that which I am. That's all I need to be. Always being in the perfect place at the perfect time (even if we don't always see it at the moment).
Entering the Center, the core of my being, coming to understand more of who I am.
Feeling at peace, I left the center, moving away but taking with me a deeper understanding that I am part of the divine plan. I am here to share the gifts I have, bringing who I am into this world. Each one of us, as individuals has some unique ideas, wisdom, energy, talents to share.
We are each a divine spark making up the whole.
Taking this outside, spiraling outwards to re-enter the world with me, this knowing.
I am "gifted" with an acorn dropped by my side. I pick it up with the thoughts, "this is my body".
Yes. All of nature, it all has it's potential. This is the gift. We have the potential, but will we use it?
Say YES.


Sue O'Kieffe said...


3rdEyeMuse said...

yes, yes, and YES!

cheryl@mandala oasis said...

Yes! We will use it... we are using it... now.
...just beautiful..and Ilove the concept of going come within.. And.. I love acorns, I collected a bunch of them a few years ago. Their sumbolism has a prfound affect on me : )

Beautiful mandalas...Doreen.

:) Cheryl