Monday, May 26, 2008


Coming out of hiding, I am.... I've been slacking off here with the art for various reasons. Distracted and preoccupied with other things. A trip to Peru and it's preparation and just plain ol' procrastination.
Now it's time to refocus my attention on my art. This includes my love of photography. I'm commited to carrying my camera with me every where again.
And the other thing is painting.
First is to finish up some paintings - the ones that came to a point and then were put on hold. My attention went into teaching and putting together an art and photo exhibit of preschoolers. That was FUN!
One of my favorite subjects to photograph is children. I took a few in Peru that I have on my other blog, but I'll put here as well.

I intend that I begin again, continue to create every day. Bring creativity into every aspect of my life, spend time in the art room every day, and create some art for myself and to share with others. I intend to allow spirit to co-create with me and my true inner voice come through into my work.

Deer, my totem animal. The path begins by walking your walk.

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