Friday, May 23, 2008

Cusco from above

My new friends.
Walking up the street towards San Blas, there is a fantastic jewelry store. Unique pieces that stood out from the tiresome pieces you begin to see repeatedly on the street. One of the woman who works there had her daughter in the store, Andrea, in blue, a sweet little girl. She was drawing on a piece of paper with a red pen. While Mai-Liis was making some serious buying decisions, I played with her. We had gone back to the store numberous time and the last time gave Andrea two boxes of crayons. I wanted to encourage this little artist :-)
12 angles on this stone!
Sachsayhuaman from above on our way to Pisac.
Looking at Cusco from above. Cusco is laid out in the shape of a Puma, the jagged wall at Sachsayhuaman in the hairs on the back of it's head...

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