Saturday, May 31, 2008

Join the Fun!

Have you ever done an online class?
I've taken one on and love how it was done. Mai-Liis is a great teacher and she is offering another class. It's a Torso Tag Book....

Come Play with Me!
The torso tag book class through has been canceled, so I will be teaching it through my website.

Start date: June 11, 2008, when you receive the materials list complete with substitutions which...chances are good you already own, torso outlines, and all the instructions. I will be online with students for 3 weeks to make sure that everyone has the help that they need, but you can do this project whenever you have the time. The tags are placed into the book with brads, and therefore can easily be removed and used for other purposes such as gift tags, or book marks.

Price: $25To sign up, PayPal to
This is a fun mixed media project for artists and non-artists alike.

I'm playing... I so need a project that I can do and share with others. You can go to her website to see her fabulous work and inquire about it if you need........

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