Saturday, May 31, 2008

Journal page 2

I sketched this out the other day and painted it in today. After reading an email (on the other blog) I am placing my focus on what brings me beauty, what is good in life.
Today, I was a bit challenged while driving. I found myself again focusing on the inconsiderate drivers, judging others for driving these huge cars ("why the @$#! do they need a hummer!") and catching myself, I asked myself where was I finding the beauty??? I turned my attention to that which I could find and soon realized I can find beauty in anything really.... it's just a matter of changing one's perception...
Sometimes though, it is just easier to stay home. I decided a lack of sleep and feeling a bit cranky does not make for a happy Doreen who is loving everyone out there.. better to be home and read and nap and paint with my twinkling H2O's. Yeah, that's what brings me joy. Creating.
Being with John, sharing our thoughts....
Life is good :-)

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JoTee said...

I sometimes say the same stuff when I see those BIG rediculously large rigs that....ugh!

I then make myself see the beautiful mountains & the Rio Grande River.