Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring - new projects to begin.

Now my attention turns to the library mural and the children's art show. I will be juggling here but my intention is to put my focus on each one intensely - be in the moment with each one. I should probably make a scheduele because I will be dillusional if I pretended these two things were the only things to focus on.... ah, taxes.
I do not like paperwork. I put it off. This year I started putting my receipts in an accordian file for each month vs. in one box for the year. Then about this time of the month, I start to sort my receipts and then call the accountant. I did ok until about June or July. Then I just stuffed everything in towards the back. I need work in this department.
So actually it is 3 big projects I have.
Each deserves my undivided attention to it.
I had a meeting for the library today and set things up so I can get in during the Spring break. I taught the last class today with the kids and now can focus on putting it together - this I am very excited about. I'm excited about both projects.
not so much with the taxes.
Happy Spring everyone.

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