Saturday, March 24, 2007


Two more panels that I did. CC got the "Balance" one. I think the whole Key to life is about being in balance. It is amazing how we can go off the deep end sometimes - filling our minds with what we think is real, when in fact it is not.
I hang my humble head on this one today. I could blame it on too much work... too much thinking and not listening or paying attention.
Embarassingly I tell this story...
My bank issued me a credit card. In my broken mailbox, I took out an evelope from my bank which was opened. I kind of freaked out and I saw that there was a missing card. That was my perception. So of course I called and blocked it. Today I get the card in the mail - thinking, wow, that was quick. Same number. Then I noticed the big bold note on the first letter saying that MY CARD WAS ON ITS WAY! oh. oops. now I wait again. At least I have a new mailbox and my mailman is happy about that...
So, about balance. Time to slow down, pay attention, read the fine print, even if it is screaming out at you in big bold letters!
Balance brings us back to center - we swing far left, far right. We may climb higher and higher, but when we stop pumping so hard, we slow down and come back to center. To stillness.
It is in this stillness that we can hear that inner voice whispering to us the message we are supposed to hear. We can only hear it when we are quiet.
These messages sometimes come early in the morning as we are just awakening. A voice. Clear. Listen to it. It may be just the answer you have been waiting for.
Slooooooooooooooow down.

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