Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 75 Some Days the Dragon Wins

and then again...there's alway a bit of hope when the morning comes and it's a start to a new day. Today, Dragon, You will not win!
So, yesterday was not the best of days. Very emotional and was feeling a bit world weary. I didn't get home until 9:30, but went into my art room and drew. I didn't want anything nice and drew the dragon, but even that was looking pretty pitiful to me. My thoughts were, ok, I did some art, but I don't have to post it. This brought up some issues of embracing the bad stuff as well as the good. Maybe I just need to look at this creepy side, and instead of denying it, embrace it. I went to bed.
This morning, I painted it and I noticed the spines started to look more like sprouts of grass- new hope, new growth. Let it evolve and allow something good to come of it. Things are not that bad, and there are others out there that have it so much a matter of fact, my "stuff" doesn't even come close!

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