Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day 64 & 65 "What's the Story?"

Sunday, after a long day, I drew 2 pieces. This one I did second but decided to paint it first, because I liked where it was going. I wanted her bathed in light. Brought back the "chickens", as my husband calls them.... Pondering this one, I asked John what he thought about it. He came up with an idea of a children's book of this type of work where you allow blank pages for the child to come up with the story, thus the title, "What's the Story?"
I've been in spiritual termoil again. I keep looking at this idea of many paths leading to the same door, but should I pick one path? And I can't seem to find ONE path, as I find some truth in all of it. Imagine selecting one color of the rainbow! I want the whole rainbow.
My Story:
She sits. She is Open.
Allowing the golden light to envelop her body and soul
It is her wish, to be bathed in this radiance.
Do we look up, outside ourselves for it...
Or is it already in us, this Divine light..
Can it be touched?
Can it be shared?
I call it "The Wish"

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