Friday, March 03, 2006

day 61 ASW -carved mudra

Yesterday was a snow day and boy, did I need that! I cleared up some more space in my studio and then did some carving. In the ASW, the lesson was to try various forms of printing. I played around with the bleach. I only had a bleach pen, so I squirted some out on a blank piece of ink pad I had. As I was stamping it, I noticed it was making small bubbles and the image wasn't so great. Then I tried brushing it on as it is thicker than bleach in a bottle. This was better. Fun to see how it reacted to different colors. Then i put some watercolors onto the pad and tried that. My favorite is using the resist technique. I stamped with a veramark pad, then brayered over the image. Another technique was to use paint, so I used the gratitude stamp I had carved before because it was bold and stamped on a fabric purse that was left over from camp. the other side is stamped as well, but I painted the backround first and stamped over it.

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