Thursday, February 23, 2006

Day 54 Oh Johnny, what are you thinking?

I think my thoughts bubble up. I see John's as all wired up, plugged in, tangles of ideas that get sorted...
The eyes are a bit weird here, giving him a dark feel, but that's how the photo is. something is off, but not sure what...
I've been aware of a theme for the past few days. One of extremes and balance. For instance, I observed an accident involving a car that was going extremely fast on a pretty congested road. He hit a car, taking off parts of the car that littered the road and became an obstacle course for everyone. I was shocked that he continued to drive on. Not sure what happened to the car he hit.
On my return trip, I was behind someone driving 15 mph. It was raining and I was patient, figuring there must be a reason...I was thankful they went straight as I turned though. I laughed at the 2 extreme ways of driving. I was awarded for my patience with the most beautiful rainbow. If the person in front of me did not drive so slow, I may have missed it. Funny too, it was in the same spot as where the accident was.
My husband told me of a friend who had a nervous breakdown. (all work/no play?)
I read in a Pisces article that if we don't slow down during this period of time, creating balance in our lives, the "universe" has a way of creating it for us, and it usually brings it about in a not so great way. It will impose it on you....and you might not like the way it comes about.
Now, I've been there. Work, work, work and no play. It actually was about a year ago and my health took a tole for it. I learned that lesson the hard way.
Interestingly, the work I have created the past two days were black and white. And taking it a stretch further, Lama Surya Das goes on the Colbert Report, talking about Buddhism and the Middle Way. I was just invited to a Buddhist meeting....mmmmm. Interesting messages here.

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