Monday, February 20, 2006

Day 51 -Happy Birthday Mai-Liis

Last night I played around with some images. I altered a photo of a plant in the snow, but then took some clip art and began playing. I was thinking of my friend Mai-Liis, whose birthday it is today...Happy Birthday. This one is for you (one with the balloon and cat and monkey...).
Then today I carved this face,young Frida. It is from the picture I used for my Frida doll in a RR. The lesson is on transfering images. I wish someone would come up with a good medium to use with an inkjet printer. I may try heat transfer next time. I really enjoy carving. Very soothing for me.


lorraina said...

The one with the little girl floating and the elephant walking in the garden reminds me so much of a public garden nearby that i used to love to visit. It was called called Fantasy Gardens. Brought back some misty-eyed memories of when i used to take the gkids there when they were small. You could just very well come upon such a scene as this because we made up our own fairy tales as we walked. It wasnt hard to see things because the place was so enchanting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Doreen! What a beautiful, beautiful collage!!!! I love it!
You have captured the spirit of me in the ideal.
Thank you!
I am going to see if I can get good enough quality when I print it out. I would love to frame it and put it in my studio for inspiration.