Thursday, February 09, 2006

Day 39 - Ajna

Releasing Thoughts
What if all the thoughts we released into the ethers were beautiful, loving, caring thoughts?
What if we constantly sent out- released- thoughts of well-being, thoughts of gratitude and blessings?
Thoughts of compassion.
Thoughts of acceptance.
What if???


Anonymous said...

Doe, Hi--
i wanted you to know that your
sentiments are beautiful and a real
inspiration to me! i'm making
valentines tonite and i will let
my mind free associate to your poem
and send in to my dear ones. thanks, Martina in Baltimore

Sunni said...

what if? i've heard it said wanting a thing does not make it so. but i have learned if you think of a thing, it can be so. sending love, compassion, beauty and peace out into the ether with our thoughts DOES send tangible beauty and energies out to replenish and heal.

prayer works.

Sunni said...

what if? *happy sigh* please practice this "what if" as much as you can. spread the word and get as many people as you can to practice this! what if? it's actually, "It shall be."

i once thought wanting a thing did not make it so. now i know wanting a thing CAN be so. one needs to only think of it and believe. peace? compassion? joy? tolerance? a universal thing? of course! think of it and it shall be. prayer works.