Thursday, February 02, 2006

Day 30,31,32 Sea Goddess

For a couple of days I have been working on different things, some still incomplete. I finally finished this last night when I got in. Other than that, I've been carving some stamps and working in my last book of a color RR.
My monitor went on me Tuesday night and I freaked out. My sister came to the rescue with one she just happened to have....I came home and carved out the word Grateful to make a stamp. Talk about luck!
But for now, here is Sea Goddess. I started out thinking of doing something pertaining to Aquarius (it was my birthday on the 30th) but she seems more "Pisces". She is making herself a clamato coctail, stirring with her swizzle stick. I think that represents the Aquarian more, stirring things up with electricity, creating shocks....water and electricity!?! Yikes! Her nurturing friend the crab shares the nice.

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Angelvista said...

I love this one. I have a soft spot for mermaids and sea goddesses. She is beautiful. I now feel inspired to make a mermaid today.