Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A week of decluttering

It's Tues., Day 2 of the decluttering process. The hardest part was to begin. Every time I walked into the room, I was tempted to walk back out. "Where do I begin??"
I could not get to my closet, so I cleared a path and was able to put away some clothes. I stayed in that corner all day Monday. I worked on a box of magazines, some shelves near the closet and part of the bed-turned-table.
Today was a little easier to throw out stuff, some fabric that I would probably not use anyway. I went through 2 bags of Paper: meaning photos that I had printed out, postcards of art, notes, cards from last birthday(Jan.) business cards, etc. I probably cleared off my desk and threw it all in a bag. I really cannot do that anymore. I found a card from Ginny. Actually 2, last years Christmas card and my birthday card. Ginny passed away in Nov. She was a stamping buddy. I put her card on my desk. It will be a reminder that Life doesn't wait for us. If we don't do it and procrastinate, it may never get done.
I'm putting some pictures that I find in a basket that I will work from for collaging. Thinking soul collage here.
ok, Back to work.

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