Sunday, December 18, 2005

My New Year's Goal

In preparation for the new year, I am setting up this blog to journal about my art and post the artwork I will be doing. Starting Jan.1,I will be creating a piece of artwork everyday. That is the goal. The theme of the work will be Gratitude. My intention is to work small, 6x6 pieces that will be bound (possibly) at the end of the year. Until then I am preparing a box to put them in.
So this should be quite an experience. The one big hurdle I will have to work with is to keep some space clear to work on. Hey, if I have to work on the floor, I will do it.
I am intending to create sketches, collages, paintings, photographs and even sewing. I'm sure this will evolve to something I cannot forsee, but sharing the journey with anyone that is interested will be fun. Thanks for looking. Any comments are welcome (except the spam ones!)

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