Saturday, December 31, 2005

Beginning to see some light

Still more to do, but I am begining to get somewhere and have a few ideas. The room is very busy because everything is exposed. When I look at the areas that are organized, my eyes rest. Some shelves that hold odd containers appear to be so unorganized and I will either cover them or get some containers that are the same. Tempted to go to the Container Store today.

I am using a Starbucks box that was filled with stuff for Christmas. It is the perfect size and opens up to 3 tiers. Ideally it would have been cool if it had 4, one for each season. oh, well.
I have been journaling as I go along, writing about organizing as well as ideas that pop into my head. Although my intention is to work in a 6x6 format, I am not limiting myself to it. If I am working on a doll or shrine, I'll take a picture of it for this book- in- a- box.
As I am cleaning up, finding stuff, it is also inspiring me with new ideas. I find things, materials, that I have forgotten about. It is true that clutter costs money. There are things I have found that I went and bought again either because I forgot I had it or it was beyond my reach. Easier to go buy it again.
There are many layers in the room which presents many problems to accessibility. Layers as in piles going up and well as layers coming outward. It got to a point that I had a path and that was it.
I am begining to get to the "comfort" stage. This is so necessary for me to work. And tonight it is especially important. New Year's Eve is ritual time. The last few years, I have spent in my room creating. I look at it a Creative Beginnings.

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