Saturday, August 07, 2010

Harvest gratitude

Canson came out with a new Mixed Media sketchbook with thicker paper and I love it. The Bic markers bleed through so the heavier paper is great.. also, I plan on doing some collage work in it. Good stuff :-)
This mandala spoke to me of being Thankful. The Harvest colors reminded me of the autumn and autumn reminds me of Thanksgiving. Being grateful has been a message for me this past week.. ok, weeks. More than a few times the message would come through astrologically or in one form or another - that the easiest way to change my "attitude" is through gratitude.
OK, I get it, but why do I forget it?? When I am in the thick of it, I find it difficult to stop and say to myself, "ok, let's find all the things I am grateful for"... no, I am too engrossed, too STUCK!
And then - as if by magic - it all shifts... no, not really, I have to do the work and it seems the "work" that works best for me is to create.
Art moves me out of my small self to a more open Self. Mandalas and doodles or "Zendalas" do it best and this one spoke to me of remembering to be grateful.. be thankful for all the good stuff and there is sooo much of it!
When I move into that energy of gratefulness, I am more accepting of myself and everyone around me and the way things are.
Self-acceptance is a wonderful thing. Once I move into that space, everything else seems to fall into place.. it's all ok. It's all the way it is supposed to be. Let it be. See it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Even the challenges turn out to be heart-opening, mind-expanding experiences, so allow it and stop resisting. Because that is what it is - the resistance- that causes the pain, the fear, the worry.
So many times experience has taught me that I am being taken care of. The journey of life is just one gigantic and continuous journey of love and it is ALL going to be just fine. We are where we are supposed to be. I am already who I am supposed to be.. It's that moment thing.. the being.. the NOW.. and it's all just fine....
and life becomes once more filled with Thanks and Giving.

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