Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend images..

We've been having a discussion, my husband and I, about our art speaking to us. One thing about these zentangle type of doodled art is that it is so undeliberate.. no planning, no thinking.. just creating some line and filling them with patterns.. playing around.
It is when I am finished and turn it around that I "see" something. This guy seemed so sad to me and I guess there have been more than the normal amount of sadness lately. With my husband's health issues, it has opened my heart, being more compassionate with other people's challenges as well. It seemed that there was some sort of health issue with so many people and felt as though it was being added to my own sadness. How much can one carry?
We shouldn't have to carry it alone, but rather share with others what we are going through. Does it lighten our load or are we just sending more pain out into the world? I used to feel that I shouldn't share my worries and pains because I didn't want to impose them on anyone else. Now I am not so sure. When I read about other blogger friends, people I don't even know personally, and learn of their illness or that of their child, I offer up a prayer and if I can do that, then maybe it will lighten their load so they won't have to carry so much. I hope we all only carry what we can and no more..

A change. Star flower - moving away from the cross....

Since my husbands stay in the hospital, I have gone back to mandala making as healing.. as prayer.. as meditation. The cross plays the predominant image in most of them.
Crosses, I see, as direction.
I see it as reaching out, choosing ... opposing directions.
Outwards and inwards.. upwards towards the heavens and here on earth..
Centered is the heart.. it brings me to the present moment.
In this moment, there is no worry, because there is no future.
There are no regrets, because there is no past.
There is only the now.
Present moment.
A place where my heart lies, where I find love.. and that is the place of healing.

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Christie said...

Your mandalas are so arresting - the free-flowing imagery really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing!