Sunday, August 15, 2010

Becoming Aware

If we see everyone outside of our self as mirror, reflecting back to us how we see the world, our belief system, values, judgements, etc... then why is it so how to change (within us) that which we see as unacceptable behaviour... ??
BEcoming aware of this.. that what you do, what I see as "what you are doing, being".. is just me and how I am being and doing...
This is a belief that keeps coming up and it came up again by reading someones blog recently - but it is not new to me. In order to know oneself, there has to be some sort of "other" for us to get it.
I believe we are the reflective souls of the Divine Being. In order for God to know God, there has to be something to reflect back to God (hey, substitute any other Word here). So here we are.
If I learn about myself by being in relationship to "other", anything outside myself, then why am I setting this up to see stuff I don't really want to see... unless it's something I DO need to see, and experience, in order for my Soul to grow and develop into a better spiritual Being... mmm, so do I need to experience illness in order to appreciate health... and do I need to experience deep sadness in order to appreciate deep joy?
If I am surrounded by rudeness, I should take a look within myself.. eliminate any rudeness I may have.
If I see inconsideration, I need to be more considerate.
If I see grief and sorrow, I can be more compassionate.
Be more trusting, more humble, more tolerant, more accepting... If I see a wrong-doing - go out and do something kind.
Love more.
My lesson this month seemed to be more about Trust. Trusting that the Universe will provide, trust that I CAN let go... in letting go, in not resisting and judging.. a shift can occur to allow the Universe to provide. This is a lesson that keeps repeating itself.. this path of growth in learning to trust. I have become more aware.
I think this Awareness is key.
When I am aware and see I can change and grow.
I'll get back to the "reflection" part again with more thoughts on that matter :-) because it intrigues me.

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