Sunday, July 18, 2010

The violin

I am not sure if this is done. Part of me wants something on the black and the other part says, don't over do it... that's the part my husband agrees with.
I am from the school of "more" and maybe it's just because I want to keep creating, but more so is how much I can push the do I know if I don't try.. the idea of reaching to more possibility.
And then again.... there is that part that says, "enough" and the insecurity of screwing it up.
so, I'll sit with it for a while and wait.... any feedback is welcome :-)
and it really needs to go out.


jgy said...

to me it looks beautiful as it is...
I like the way the black is 'un-touched', seems to show respect to the instrument and the one playing and leaving a kind of 'blank' there for the music where it touches the string...\
maybe you've already painted there, in which case the violin spoke to you and said 'paint me' like in Alice in wonderland...
happy playing!!

Kate Jobe said...

I get why you want something on the black..I would be chomping at the bit to do it too...but probably no one else will feel that it is necessary and if it really needs to go out, that is the highest priority at this time....a lesson I have learned in similar situations....tie your nands behind your back and hide your paint brushes if you have to to stop yourself :)