Friday, February 26, 2010

Needing color

I have a bunch of mandalas and doodles to upload, but for now here's one I did close to Valentine's day... maybe it was around the last snow storm.
Needing some color on these days... so much snow, gray, white. Luckier than a lot of people here on the east coast, thoguh. Some lost power and have more snow than we do.... but it keeps coming. So many businesses just closed down.. banks, doctors... so much for those SUV's which everyone bought for the snow.
The upside is that I stayed in and did some art.
I do have to go out and will take the camera.
Do I sound cranky.. because I am. This winter seems to be full of resistence for me. Everything takes so much effort. Dressing. Driving. Digging.
I am sure I will appreciate Spring oh so much this year.. Dear Spring, I need your color!

1 comment:

Eden said...

Those are my two FAVORITE colors and I absolutely adore them together! Wonderful mandala art! I'm needing Spring as well! Won't we really appreciate once it ever gets here?