Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This has been a strange winter for me.. feeling reclusive and limiting my time "out there".. going out when I need to. I guess it goes with the season to some degree.. following nature's cycle of hibernation.
This seems deeper though. Looking for answers within myself, but finding the distractions of life more annoying.... until I see them as messages.
I sit in my chair, reading, meditating, journal my thoughts. I am surrounded by many inspiring objects - things that make me aware of my spirituality, remind me of a higher purpose.
But the questions come back to that.. what IS my higher purpose???
Answers come in strange ways.
I get glimmers of them in unconventional ways... after reading a book which had to do with divine guidance, a card fell from my deck of flowers (angel cards)... just fell over. Not the first card, but somewhere within the deck, and it's message was: Divine Guidance. It made me stop.
I envisioned a hawk and turned to the window. No, hawk wasn't there, but I felt his "presence" and just at that moment my plant moved. It's long stem fell into a new place.
I come to the computer and read something that is pertinent to what I am feeling. It's astrological message is clearing something up for me.. another answer.
It all brings me to accept that if I listen, take notice of my surroundings, I am being constantly being guided.
Even if it is my internal higher self guiding me, it is still guidance.. intuition perhaps.
There is a strong pull to stop and remove myself from the distractions of the world, so I can listen, so I can get closer to the answers of my "being" here. I remind myself that sometimes that is where the answers lie... out there in the world.
Winter brings me in so I can find myself.. so I can then go out into the world reawakened to the best I can be.. to serve and do that which I am being called to do.
I reawaken to the dream I had, renewing my intention to bring it to fruition.
I am tenderly watering that seed, nourishing it with my love.
Waiting patiently for spring, I tend to the internal garden, and hope the blossoms will be a source of inspiration.

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