Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The neglected blogs....

I have been so remiss in keeping up with my blogging... Sometimes I just don't have much to say.
Most of the time, it's because I don't have anything to show or I haven't uploaded pictures.
Life seems to be back on track with teaching art, yoga, working on art for clients and a show me and John are doing together.
His work hangs on the wall, my is off the wall. Appropriate.
Initially, he wanted to do the show solo, but then "invited" me to participate, but only with my assemblages and shrines.
OK by me :-)
I am having a great time with this, creating in my free time. OH YES! During the school year, I HAVE free time... unlike the summer. Seems to be a bit backwards, and I'm hoping to have that changed for next summer.
Anyway..... Here's some stuff I've been working on.. just a peek.
I'm also reading Hick's new book, The Vortex (an Abraham book) which seems to be a wonderful companion to The Presence Process, by Michal Brown. Lot's of good insight and Aha! moments. Learning and growing........

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Georgina said...

Oh, love it!!! I know what you mean about more time in the Fall/Winter than Summer...and I don't have any kids living here anymore, but family come to visit or I go there. Oh well, come by my blog and see what I've been up to, other than no good!! LOL