Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mandala Insights..

Fiesta Sun
Eye Dream

Medicine Shield
Looking back over my mandala journal, I've noticed that red is not a color I'll use too often. I'll work with a deep red or a magenta, using a bit of red as accent.
I hardly wear red.
So this was a thought that came about, more like a question... really.
Why the attraction to red? I'm using it more often in my recent work.
Red , a color of the first chakra, to me is a cry for some grounding.
I tend to take on a variety of jobs (Gemini midheaven) and I can get pretty scattered with my energy, especially when clients want it done at the same time.
At the same time, getting all this work is energizing. A pattern, healthy or not, that I see as "working best under stress"... I get it done when the pressure is ON.
So, once again, I look to the happy medium, the center ground (grounding) where I can balance work and play (my own art).
Being self-employed, I take it all on, because one never knows - old thinking!
It's always there and sometimes it pours.
This is a habit that dies hard, although there are a few jobs I did say no to recently. More for fear of totally losing it though. I felt I was on the edge...
A new season, with a return to a different schedule (more to my liking, I might add) and with it a need to bring my self-discipline to working in a timely manner. (no procrastinating!)
Getting the work done, but leaving room for myself.. my Self.
So this is my medicine shield for now, a reminder to ground myself and to be in balance.
Stand strong. Rooted.
and then take off.....
upwards into the creative realm.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

Your medicine shield speaks to me big time of personal power. Everything else flows from that when you know who you are. I think Saturn in Virgo the past two years has really helped with that for me. There is great strength in that shield. And I see a lot of flow in your mandalas too. As always, a joy to behold.

Carmen said...

when i see these reminds of i need to go back and make another mandala...
wonderful artwork!