Sunday, August 02, 2009

Insightful mandalas

I did this one on Sat. morning.. called "inner sensing" which I didn't really know why. It was something that popped into my head and didn't question it. I pretty much did that through out the mandala.. choosing colors intuitively. Allowing. Seeing what comes up. Later comes the insight.
Interestingly enough, in yoga class, this is pretty much what the class was about. Inner sensing - getting in touch with what was going on internally. It was an amazing practice! Powerful in "presence" and right in synch with what I am reading... The Presence Process by Michael Brown.
This mandala is called, "when paths merge". Life can be so freaky at times. Small. Without going into the details of it, life has shown me that when we are on a path, you never know who you'll run into. We all have our path in life, but I find it astounding at times how paths interweave with someone else's.. another "pay attention" moment. What is this telling me?
I'm where I'm supposed to be. I guess we all are where we're supposed to be. We just look too much outside ourselves and into the future.. wondering rather than Being in the present moment and receiving and intimately feeling the moments in our hearts, bodies, soul... relishing each glorious moment.
Each step.. walk gracefully.
Each breath.. be aware.
Being conscious of life.
Living it with conscious awareness rather than mindlessly walking-talking-in-the-head-to-the-next-place-I-need-to-be and in such a hurry that you don't consider anyone else around you... ever been like that?
Take a moment to walk. slowly. consciously. allow your body to move the way it desires. Give it permission.. to sway. to swoon. to glide... to move into dance. Be inside and take notice.
Have fun :-)

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sema said...

beautiful mandalas!the colors are gorgeous!