Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Away from or Towards

I had one of those moments when it "clicked" as to how I was looking at something a bit problematic in my life... attached. stuck. focusing on what I wanted to remove from my life.. what I was wanting to move away from... when I focused on it, I felt terrible.
And then something happened...
I began to visualize what it was that I did want.. what I wanted to move towards and my body felt different. I smiled. I felt good... aaahh, silly me.
Looking out the wrong window again.
It is that law of attraction.. what you focus on is what appears.. even if only in thought.
So instead of moving away from, I am now moving towards.
Not from, but to...
and it feels so much better :-)

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Vicky :o) said...

Hi Doreen,

I love the mandala and what you wrote so much. For some reason the idea of moving away from or towards reminds me of letting go. That thought may be about letting go of a certain focus like you describe and did which enables one to get in touch with one's True sense of where one wants to go.

Lovely, Doreen.

--Vicky Lynn :o)