Monday, August 24, 2009

All One

A week long vacation to take in the mountain air and spend some time creating. I did quite a few mandalas. Our cabin had a table big enough to share.. John on one side and me on the other with enough room to spread out. We could hear the sound of the water rushing by, birds singing along with the smell of wood burning below at various campsites. It's a peaceful place.
We take walks to the creek, read and do our art. A truly relaxing vacation.
This one I did with the twinkling H2O's that I ordered.. and finally got to open up the new colors.
Most of the mandalas unfold without any conscious intention other than just wanting to create in a circle. Afterwards I sit with it. Listen to what it wants to say, or what I need to hear.
Being in this environment, it is easy to feel at peace and at one with all beings... human, animal, plant, river, rock... breathing in the beauty, listening to the song of the birds... reminding me of what is important.
I feel in alignment again.
I fell out of it for awhile and I'm not so sure why I had to create all this drama. I did have a choice on how I responded to all of it and I didn't do very well.
This mandala reminded me of the oneness...
~All One~
One with the Divine
She is One with Nature
Goddess of Expression
Creative Spirit
Her palette is her Spirit
holding the colors
Nature has manifested for her
Her power comes from heartfelt Service
Wisdom passed on..
Stamina shines forth
Radiating her strength
She knows
She sees
All embracing
Reaching out

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