Monday, November 17, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

I love the Autumn. I love it's color palette. They are optimistic colors.. colors of creativity.
Although I haven't been posting very much lately, it's not for lack of being creative. I have been.
ATC's for a swap, angels, mandalas, projects for art class, paintings, masks, photography... all still in the "process" stage.
So, like I said, it's a time of high energy, optimism, and creative out-pouring.
My mother is the opposite... she doesn't like the fall, because it symbolizes the coming of winter.
She's also gone through some trying times lately and I can understand some of her negativity. The aging process has it's challenges and she does not see these as her "golden" years... and yes, she can get VERY pessimistic.
So I try to get her to see it (life) in a more positive way... sometimes, I try to get her to see through my eyes... sometimes, it backfires.
Ma, "you're just looking out the wrong window", I say to her.
I read a story once, and I just love the metaphor of it.
I proceeded to tell the story... even though I can't really remember it very well... just the "message" of it.
"Once there was a little boy..."
"Why does it always have to be a boy?", she interjects.
"OK, Once there was an old woman"... (I snicker a bit here)
"Why can't it just be a girl?"
"Once there was a little girl..." I say softly and calmly... speaking in "Johnny tone".
"Why are you speaking so softly?"
I speak a little more loudly, and continue to tell her how the little girl looked out the window to see her dog lie dead and she became really, really sad... crying...
A wise old man came to her and asked her why she was crying and she pointed to the window where her dog lie dead. He took her hand and walked over to another window, "what do you see?" he asked.
"I see the sun shining, a rainbow and flowers..."
Mom: "You're in fantasy land! Where do you get these ideas??"
I am trying to maintain a straight face here while I continue to say, "See, you were just looking out the wrong window..."
Mom: " The Dog's STILL DEAD!"
I am hysterical laughing at this point... mostly because my mom, the pragmatist is right and I screwed up the story and she doesn't "get it" but my laughter is contagious and she laughs,
which is the result I intended all along.
So, it doesn't really matter how one reaches the end result... just that we achieve the goal.
And this was to laugh.
Hope you all get to have a hearty laugh today :-) and then share that laughter with someone else.

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