Saturday, November 08, 2008

Angel of Hope

She is the Angel of Renewed Hope.
I am feeling this after the election, this sense that I can breathe a deeper, more relaxed breathe... There is a renewed hope in me and I'm sure in so many others.
I thought she was about peace and she is, but HOPE came last night, her power wand imbued with the spirit of wisdom. A higher perspective of choosing: intuitive and spiritual.
The symbol of the spiral on her heart chakra takes us up to a new level, spiraling upward, with a refreshed, renewed and open heart.. a heart of service.
We are all brothers and sisters on this magnificent planet.
She is the Angel of Hope that we all can work together to make this one peaceful place.


Chaska Peacock said...

Beautiful, Doreen! I absolutely love having you be part of the Angel Project!!!!woollst

Apple said...

You're very talented. I love your art.

Lisa said...

She's beautiful Doreen!