Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2- creative all day long :-)

Today was a pretty creative day. I began the day with the children's center. We worked with clay - model magic - and primary colors so they could mix new colors. What was kind of nice was how a few kids came in with a bit of a "mood" and watched how it changed. Art is magic.
Art is healing.
Yesterday as I was reading, an image came to me for a painting. I pulled out a canvas, 20 x20 from under the bed and did a quick sketch on it.
Ripped out some more images for my next collage as well. Not only that, but I pulled out an assemblage that I started a while back. It got buried behind a bunch on stuff and I unearthed it today... I brought it to the forefront of the large table to work on.
This made my day today.... One of the kids said he wished I were his teacher and would stay all day long and not go home. Sweet, huh? I told him that I would be back. Nothing in the world like a smiling, happy kid enjoying himself and creating. I'll have to upload the pictures and post some.

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