Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Begin Again - Intentions '08

Beginning another year of art. I've decided to begin with a series of collages. These are Intention collages. Today, it is focused on my spiritual intentions of the new year. Practice yoga everyday and challenge myself to grow and expand in my practice. Find more time to go within and listen to that "voice", the one that speaks from my heart and knows all the answers. Keep focusing on my connection to Spirit and when I am being true to myself, I can be and share the truth of my authentic self with you. This is the Self that contributes to the World, a piece of the puzzle, that if I did not share with you and you did not share with others, would create a gap, and the puzzle would miss a valuable piece.
Always return to center. The center within - the heart.
Speak with kindness and good intention and find the sacred in everything.

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Mai-Liis said...

I love it, Doreen! And, I love that you are calling it an Intention Board instead of a Vision Board. Happy, happy New Year!