Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ready for change

We are back from vacation.
Time to get serious about the new year. What changes will come about?
I spent the day cleaning and decluttering. Putting away supplies from the summer. It seems to grow, all this stuff. I released a lot of books to free up some room.
When you let things go, it's a good indication that you have grown.
Sometimes I hold on too tightly, always thinking I could recycle it in some way, turn it into an art project :-)
I thought I would alter a set of encyclopedias. Oh yeah, right. I did rip out some interesting pictures though. I must be in a certain mood to do this. "I don't give a shit" mood. Let it go. It is usually when I have had enough. It's also coming back from vacation where there is more space, so when we come home, I am ready to clean house. It's also a preparation for my new year. New classes, new opportunities, new projects. I want to be ready.
January being the beginning of a new year is so wrong. Ideally it should be Spring, but other than that it should be in September when the new school year begins.
I'm ready for some change.

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