Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yesterdays creative time

Yes,I spent some time yesterday creating. Of course, I spent some of the time thinking "I should be ...." but I didn't! It was cold out too. I just needed to spend some time with myself and creating.
Made a birthday card for Adriane.
I also worked on a collage for Brigitte. She gave me this collage that one of her online groups did and asked if I would work on it. so I did. Gave the frog a lily pad to sit on in a pond and a doghouse for fido. Not finised yet. In between projects, I rusted a small box. I'll most like make an assemblage out of it. I bought Sophisticated Finishes. I had forgotten about this stuff. We used in ceramic class. Karen painted a Buddha using the patina finish and came out great. Mai-Liis had it on her blog and then saw it on where she rusted some cotton fabric but not with these finishes.
Aside from that I taught 2 yoga classes. I am now up to teaching 3 classes a week. And yes, I think that counts in the creativity department.
Happy Birthday Adriane!!

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