Saturday, October 28, 2006


After rusting this box and another one that I'm working on, I thought about rust. It's very cool watching the rusty effect appear but it brought me to thinking about the duality of things and what would be the opposite of rust. Externally, we see things decay all the time. Everything changes. There is always this process of change, decomposing, death.
And then there is always rebirth.
Life begins again.
I found this incense burner that reminded me of a chalise. I was brought up a catholic, so the symbols are strong. Christ symbolizing the idea of rebirth, resurrection, renewal.
I used the cork from a wine bottle and a sliver of wood(host) that is holding the egg. Body and blood.
Hard to see, but the head is made of glass that has flowers and the word spring embossed into it.
The opposite of rust on the outside, is gold on the inside. The idea that we need to go within to see what makes us shine, to see our inner beauty and not always judge outside appearances and know that the real treasure is our spiritual awareness and not the transitory material world that does eventually decay. I personally tend to find my answers in nature rather than some structure (church) or dogma. I feel nature holds a lot of answers to our questions if we would be still enough to listen. It was a good feeling giving myself this time to create.
I may have to take her outside on a sunny day for a better picture...

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