Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Pictures

The Creative Habit: All for the kids.
ok, so the summer has been tough. I don't like summer... and that is putting it mildly.
I work more in the summer, my scheduele changes and I have less time for myself. I am being creative all day long, coming up with creative ideas for the kids. 10 classes a week for 6 weeks.
I spent last night face painting at a carnival and I found myself getting carried away with some of the kids, especially if there wasn't a line. I just wanted to paint. I found myself saying, "let me do one more thing"... and they of course did not mind.
It is hard to squeeze in art for myself. A lot of energy is going out and the well is beginning to dry up. Yes, I need to replenish the well. Inspiration right now is hard to come by. Even using the computer is limited.
I savor any quiet time I have. I try to read before going to bed but I have read and reread the same page now for 4 nights.
Even pictures in the camera are waiting patiently for me.
soon..... this will pass.

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