Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 200~fish tag sample

I'm playing with some fish tags for another group. They aren't embellished yet. One fish has rhinestones, but nothing else. I haven't punched the hole or cut the corners yet. This is tag book project where they don't have to be the same. Some of mine will be similar but none will be the same. Not sure I will post all of them until I have them sent which is in Sept.
The other 6x6 is my doodle from one night. It turned into a top. One of those times when nothing is planned and whatever comes up, comes up.
What makes you spin?
What spins you?
What churns up the deep waters within?
What makes you spin out of control? Can you spin with Joy?
Spinning around. Seeing it all in a blur and yet still keeping your center..
Maintaining balance. This is a challenge.

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