Saturday, January 08, 2011

what guides you?

I created 2 mandalas while waiting yesterday. I have a series of "waiting room" mandalas :-). I bring a book and pens, markers, journal, blank cards...
Because of the snow, I stayed at the hospital while John had his paracentisis (sp?) procedure. I usually drop him off and go do what I have to do for a few hours and then go back to pick him up when I get the call... but yesterday with the snow coming down like it did, I stayed.. no way was I going to make that trip twice!
I was concerned about the roads, but the Universe was good and they were just wet while everything else was covered.. COVERED.. in a blanket of heavy snow. It was beautiful to see and I thought, that too was a gift.. a gift of beauty.
I sat in the cafeteria for a while making mandalas and getting lost in time.. no time.. while creating them. I believe they bring me to a place of calm and healing and while I'm in that mode, I feel that healing energy go out to every one there besides my husband.
Remarks on how well he is looking from his doctor, a smooth "tap" all verify this for me. If I can be calm and loving and send out this energy, it can only be good for others as well.
WE are energy.
If we are filled with love, that energy must go out into the world too. If we are joyful, notice how much joy we see out in the world.
If we do what brings us joy... then we are living our truth, walking our path.. it is a constant reminder to do just that. Do what brings us joy.. let it be our guide.
Thank you Universe for my eyes to see.

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