Monday, January 03, 2011

Open arms

This is the last mandala of 2010. I made it with the intention of giving it to a friend to say thanks...
I called it open arms, because of those golden extenions and the blue wavey lines reaching out. Sometimes I feel as if I was to wrap my arms around it all.. all of my friends, all of life. I want to give it a big hug.. to hold on to it, encapsulate it all inside of me.. to hold on... to hold on.. but it is all there and no need to hold on to it, because it is all right there.. right here.. all a part of the whole and there's no need to hold on.
Release is something I am keeping consciously aware of this year. I want to let go of stuff, material stuff as well as emotional stuff that does not serve me well. I want to let go of stressful emotions, the worries, the fears that prove to do nothing but cause dis-ease.
I want to let go... not hold on.
If my arms are open, I can not hold on and I can let go.. no grasping and there's no need for it because it's all right here.
In my heart.
I breathe it all in.. hold ... and let it out.. letting go with a soft sigh.

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