Tuesday, December 07, 2010

sowing seeds

I did this a while ago, but it fits for the new moon, a time to sow some seeds, new intentions. My focus for this new moon is to work on some art for the show. Moon in my 4th house of home, where my studio is.. so when the full moon comes, in the 10th house of career, and "out there" in my world of art, I'll have manifested some art to exhibit.
That's one goal.
The other is to beautify this home.. keeping the clutter at bay. It's so much easier to do when there is more space, but I'm finding there is still so much more to rid myself of. Material stuff as well as emotional stuff.. and I realize it's a process and not beat myself up when it doesn't happen quickly enough.
At this new moon I planted seeds of healing as well, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, focus on family and go within - listening to what needs to be heard, because sometimes we only hear what we want to hear.. so, I try to limit those filters and truly hear my own voice as well as others.
I do this best when I am settled, calm and what brings me there????

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