Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clean slate...

Lighten Up
I found it ironic that an astrological message.. heading.. said, " Clean Slate".
I had to laugh at this, as I lost all my mandalas (and some photos) due to a "mishap" with the computer. I won't go into it, but I tried hard to see the lesson in it. Where, WHERE IS this lesson??!!?? Of course, I am leaving out a lot of adjectives here.
But they were gone. Most of them I have originals, but there are some that were created and passed on to others, so they are they are the ones that I really grieve, along with other stuff I've saved.. but it is a seaon of release and letting go and I'm trying hard to look at it that way.
Holding on.. Letting go.
Where is the light in this I wondered. More space? Fresh start? Clean slate..
Begin again.
It's that lesson I take with me.. everywhere. Releasing more and more to make room for newness, making space for something different.
Grieve and move on.
Lighten up.
It makes me think of my priorities.. where is my focus? Do want to dwell on loss or focus on that which brings joy, that which feels good and all that blessings that surround me.
Look to those blessings, look towards the light...
Be filled with....
divine love
joyful creations
time to listen
warm embraces
peaceful moments
what would you love to be filled with?

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Beading Eyes said...

Dear Doreen,
I understand the loss, but I believe to that these types of things happen for a reason. (even when we don't like the reason)

Moving on is sometimes like a "spring shower of flowers" the creative idea's now flow easier because we now have a clearer path.

Hugs Jody