Saturday, December 26, 2009

twisted rainbow

The Christmas Gathering
Twisted rainbow, cropped

Twisted Rainbow on canvas inspired by Cheryl's conversation on Mandala Oasis on color - rainbows in particular from Suzanne Fincher's book.
In particular, I was inspired by the idea of creating a rainbow mandala, using all the colors to activate all the chakras in the body and the idea of the feeling of being reborn.
I've been doing some black and white mandalas and some that have been limited in color.
The book I've been working on is thick and my new scanner makes it difficult to scan them.. and I have been a bit lax on scanning them... I photographed these two.
My intention is to do some more painting. It definitely brings me into a different state than the coloring. The painting keeps transforming. Layering, adding on. The background of the painting changed from black to flames to flowers to an edge of black and white design to this...
and it's transformation that I seek.

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Vicky :o) said...

Hi Doreen, Love the Twisted Rainbow mandala you created. What I find very interesting is that the cropped version and the uncropped version bring different energy. The uncropped version makes me feel the flow of the blue around the Twisted Rainbow. It feels like the sudden magic of seeing a rainbow in the sky. The cropped version draws me into the center, draws me into the Universe and creates a Oneness feel with everything. Thanks for sharing your art! See you in the Oasis. ;o) Vicky Lynn :o)