Monday, December 21, 2009

For YOU...

I would like to wish you all a most merry christmas and whatever else you celebrate... I wish you all warmth, friendship and good cheer!
May your days be filled with laughter and embracing hugs.
I wish you moments of presence.
I wish you peace.
I wish you love.
I wish you joy.
I wish you spend this time in wonderment, appreciating each blessed moment we journey on this earth. I wish you more blessings than you can ever count.
I wish you creative inspiration that fills you with those blessed "ah-ha" moments and they continue to grow...........
Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
Thank you for sharing your creative energy, your wisdom, experiences and your comments.
Happy Solstice!
May all our lives be brighter, lighter,
healthier and happier.


cheryl said...

Thank you for the bountiful blessing...and gorgeous art that inspires; mostly... thank you for YOU! - for sharing "you" with us.

Shine on dear sister...
love, Cheryl

Chaska said...

What a wonderful card!!! Thanks so much!:-)