Monday, January 26, 2009

roads to recovery

I did this mandala while my husband and SIL went to see their sister. I stayed with my MIL. Taking this time to do some healing mandalas... artful prayers.. the best kind of prayers I know.
It was for my Sister in Law, My mother in law and a friend's grandson.. and heck. for all of us. we all need some healing in some way ....
We take various paths to heal, but surely we heal most quickly when we are surrounded, engulfed with love. Held. comforted. embraced. Just knowing someone is there for us.. even if we have never met or distanced by space.. our souls know.
Our souls know we are loved, held in prayer by someone. I pray for my sister-in-laws speedy recovery and my prayers go out to you too ~ for health, for making wise decisions, for balance and harmony in your life.
May all our roads be paved with Grace, comfort and LOVE.


Lori Pilla said...

Doreen, I love it. It is magnificent. I can truely see how it it is. It brightened my day.


Lori Pilla said...

Doreen, its amazing. It is truely magnificent. I can see with all the beautiful colors and shapes and patters how healing it is. It brightened my day.


Lori Pilla said...
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Cheryl Finley: said...

Hi Doreen..this mandala is indeed a living, breathing, healing prayer. I know your family and sister-in-law have been blessed by it..and you.
Peace to you..and yours,

dianaisa said...

your mandalas and art are just gorgeous! Really they are! Anyhow, I came by to say hello and tell you I'm at in the tag exchange with you and the rest of the gals! lol!

ilah said...

A beautiful mandala and beautiful words. I love the bright colors.


Fannie said...

Beautiful, Doreen.