Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Where Have I been????

I have finished teaching a 20, actually 21 week class with a group of preschoolers. Fun work. More like play. At the end, we celebrate the week of the child (more like a month) with an exhibit of their art and photos of them in the process of creating. I'll be hanging the show Wednesday and the reception is Sunday.

Although it's fun and I love working with these kids, it's time consuming and took me a lot longer to put it together than I had anticipated. But it's done. With the help of the Rec guys, the boards were brought over to the building and now to hang it. Today is court day, so I won't go anywhere near there...........
There are 35 boards... the above is a sample of work. Recycled cd's, photos and quotes. They paint, collage, work with modeling materials... all sorts of stuff that they probably wouldn't normally use. Very rewarding program.
As for myself....... I've done a little here and there, sneaking it in during art class on Tuesday nights. Working on another assemblage and a painting.
I have a bit of a breather today and I just might be able to have some art time for myself.

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